Isle of Albion
Cornwall's tallest megaliths, located near The Merry Maidens.
Photographed: Saturday 7th August 2004
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The Pipers are two granite standing stones, measuring 4.7 and 4.2 metres in height. They are the largest megaliths to be found in Cornwall. Located just up the road from The Merry Maidens, they sit in two fields, separated by a hedge.

The Merry Maidens have, like many stone circles, have an associated petrification myth involving dancers being turned to stone on the sabbath. The Pipers are so named as local folklore holds that they are the remains of the two pipers to whose tune the Merry Maidens danced.

The Pipers are quite striking stones, and pretty much a must-see being as close as they are to The Merry Maidens. It's worth noting though that they're located on private land, and you should ask permission (unlikely to be declined) from the farm before attempting access.

The images on here are quite old. I've only just added this site after discovering some photos gathering dusts in my archives. Hopefully I'll be back in Cornwall fairly soon and might have a chance to get some updated shots.