Isle of Albion
Last Update (15.12.2009): New images added to the gallery taken during April 2007.
Extremely ruinous stone circle within heavy woodland.
First Photographed: Saturday 9th August 2003
Last Photographed: Saturday 7th April 2007
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Remptsone is the scattered and damaged remains of an impressive stone circle, perhaps 20 metres or so in diameter. Approximately 12 stones survive in varying states of repair. The largest of these is around 1.5 metres tall. The surrounding terrain makes identification of the stones difficult. Possible outliers exist, as well as the remains of what may be a cairn, a cove or possibly destroyed megaliths. Additionally, an avenue of 26 stones half a mile to the West was destroyed by a local farmer in 1957.

Rempstone is in the middle of a patch of managed pine woodland. The ground is very uneven and marshy, which makes it really difficult to get a sense of the site's layout. It does add to the atmosphere though, and despite its ruinous state, there's something quite fay-like about this circle. When the sun falls through the trees, dappling the stones below, the effect is quite enchanting. It's easy to idle away the time here, exploring the site and discovering stones hidden away amongst the undergrowth. While Rempstone may lack the visual impact of some better-known circles, it has a unique character that appeals to the explorer within.