Isle of Albion
Last Update (01.11.2015): I've replaced the original images from 2006 with images taken in early 2010.
Portal dolmen attached to The Rollright Stones.
First Photographed: Sunday 22nd February 2004
Last Photographed: Saturday 20th February 2010
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The Whispering Knights are the remains of a Neolithic burial chamber of the 'portal dolmen' variety, lying approximately 400 metres east of The King's Men. Four stones lean together in a tight cluster, the tallest rising to a height of almost 3 metres. A fifth stone (possibly the capstone) lies fallen. It's believed that The Whispering Knights pre-date The King's Men by around 500 years.

Like the rest of The Rollrights, The Whispering Knights are folklore-rich. A popular local tradition recounts that during certain times, the stones are able to whisper the future to the careful listener. More specific traditions assert that the stones will whisper to young maidens the names of their future husbands.

Another story relates how a farmer once removed a stone from The Whispering Knights to use as a bridge across a stream on his land. It took the efforts of four horses to drag the stone down the hill, and it was only with great difficulty that it was finally laid in place. However, three nights in a row, the stone was discovered away from the water, lying flat on the grass. Fearing bad luck, the farmer returned the stone to its rightful place. Upon its return journey, only a single horse was needed to drag the stone back up the hill.

Like The King Stone, the Whispering Knights are surrounded by Victorian railings. Fortunately, a path has recently been added providing access direct from The King's Men. This is a great improvement, since access previously involved a trek on foot along the busy road.