Isle of Albion
A windswept circle located on bleak and desolate moorland.
Photographed: Sunday 1st August 2004
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Stannon is a windswept circle located on bleak and desolate moorland. At approximately 41 metres across, this is one of the largest circles in the Bodmin area. 80 stones remain - all in various states of repair - with the tallest rising to roughly 1.1 metres.

The site is a bit of a slog to get to, requiring the visitor to navigate along a maze of bendy country lanes. By the time you finally reach it, you'll feels as though you're a long way from civilisation.

Location's everything, and the surrounding moorland really lends a sense of baron isolation that adds to the ambience of this site. Although the imposing barrier of the china clay works seems a little incongruous, it does lends an alien feel to the landscape that serves as an interesting counterpoint to the circle.

I was lucky enough to visit on a warm Summer's day. Sitting in the peace and quiet of the stones, surrounded by the wilderness of the moorland, it was easy to forget the worries of the modern world. Well worth a visit.