Isle of Albion
Photographed: Sunday 1st August 2004
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The Trippet Stones is a stone circle 33 metres in diameter. Out of an estimated original 28 stones, 12 stones now survive. Of these, 8 remain standing. The stones are between 1.2 metres and 1.6 metres in height. I understand that since my last visit, repair work has been carried out and some stones may have been re-erected or straightened.

The Trippet Stones are very easy to find, planted in the middle of flat and wide-open moorland (although my companion did initially mistake the stones for for sheep!) And once you've found them, it's a real struggle to leave. With the sun baking down, a warm breeze blowing across the moor, and open views in every direction..... it's another location begging for a picnic, a good book and a bottle of wine. I imagine it's a very different story in the winter though.

Like many other stone circles, The Trippet Stones has a petrification legend connected to it, relating how local girls were turned to stone for dancing on the Sabbath.

Although much of the site is in a fairly ruinous state, a few impressive stones still remain, and it's quite easy to get a strong impression of the circle as it once was. Don't let the understated nature of this site deter you. It's well worth a visit.