Isle of Albion
Undamaged stone circle with panoramic views.
Photographed: Monday 5th July 2010
Other Names: Torhouse
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Torhousekie is a stone circle measuring around 21 metres in diameter, consisting of 19 large granite boulders. These range from around 0.5 to 1.5 metres in height, with the taller being located in the south east segment. Three further stones are located in the centre of the circle.

The central stones are sometimes referred to as "King Gauldus's Tomb" (a mythical Scottish king), and legend holds that this was once his place of burial. Further to the east can be found another alignment of three stones, located across the road in a field. A single standing stone is also located further to the south of the circle.

Torhousekie survives in stunning condition. No stones are missing from the main circle. The location is suitably isolated, with the slightly raised platform on which the site sits providing panoramic views out over the countryside.