Isle of Albion
Ruinous but evocative site, paired with Loupin Stanes.
Photographed: Thursday 8th July 2010
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Girdle Stanes is a stone circle approximately 36 metres in diameter, with around 25 stones remaining out of an estimated 45 stones.

Situated on the bank of the River Esk, Girdle Stanes has been somewhat eroded by the river's changing course. A number of stones lie on the riverbed, and one stone lies over the fence, precariously close to the edge. Tracing the arc of the circle illustrates how the river has eaten into it substantially over time. Around half the circle has disappeared.

Despite being somewhat ruinous, Girdle Stanes is still an evocative site. The Esk Valley offers the perfect setting for this tumble of ancient stones. Surrounded by gnarled hawthorn trees, Girdle Stanes really calls to mind the archetypal fairy rings of legend. With the added bonus of Loupin Stanes just a couple of minutes away across the fields, this site is well worth visiting.